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Amy AevonAestra, Alchemist and Divine Programmer, has been working to bring in higher dimensional spiritual technology gifts again ;) and here is a new creation - an "energenetic tool" for our food/drink and physical healing...Vibrational healing for food!

Who wants to take the fear out of food, eating only love? Do you want to eat 5th Dimensional Food now for your enjoyment and the upgrade and healing of your DNA and physical body?
SPRING SPECIAL Magical Mat for Only $22
Energenetically modify your food and water, raise vibration to love or higher, nourish body with all nutrients, etc.
Price: $22.00
Choose a design::
                                                      5D Food Design

                                     Sacred Geometry Design

                                       I Heart Food Design

                                      Food at Love or Above

To appreciate this offering, you will need to think outside of the box!
Think Vibration! Go beyond earthly limitations in your thinking about what is possible. Open up to higher dimensional energies for healing.
The future of healing our food supply is here  - NOW!

You can now enjoy the health benefits of this simple-to-use healing mat that runs multiple layers of healing programs and energetic processes to modify and upgrade your food and drink! Say good bye to sensitivities, dangerous toxins and damage from GMOs and say hello to Love and nutrient-rich, life supporting food that tastes better! All you need to do is place your food and drink on it!

Everytime your food or drink is placed on one of these "energenetic" placemats, it uploads all nutrients, raises the vibration to love or higher, clears the sins of our third dimensional food supply chain and assists the body to heal.

Here's to our health!

You can read about everything the magical mat does here:

The feedback on the Mats is totally AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLE even!
Read some of what people are saying about these miracle mats:

"I did an experiment with my mat today: I took an apple that had not been on the mat and then some junky crackers that had. I energy tested them both...The apple tested that I should not eat it, it was not for my highest and best, it was not nutritous for my body and that it was a very low vibration..the crackers tested extremely high, that I should eat them, they were for my highest and best, they were nutritious for my body and they were the vibration of Love! Fantastic and amazing!!!

"I want to share what happened today while using the mat. I was guided to do some quantitative testing so what I did was lay the fish we are having for dinner on the mat to let it defrost there. The fish tested at an vibrational energy of 60 before I put it on the mat, which is not bad and quite edible at that number. (Anything over 10 is good for you, and the higher the better) After leaving the fish defrosting on the mat for an hour I came back to test it again and it's vibrational energy was raised to 978 from the previous testing of 60 which is a significant difference to say the least!! I am IMPRESSED which is not easy to do LOL"

"I have been using it and I notice my food feels "lighter". It has also opened up for me the the idea of mindful eating when I use it. Being present instead of eating unconsciously."

"I put my fruit on it this morning.... I did feel much better when I ate it!"

"When I place my bottled water on the mat, it make it takes different -like distilled water. My clients notice the difference."

"I did receive mine and have used it in my fridge with various items. I noticed a few things after using it: After putting my gallon of milk on it yesterday, my 2 year old is drinking way less milk then he was before. He usually has a full 8 oz. cup of milk before bed every night and then wakes up in the middle of the night wanting more milk and sometimes will drink another whole 8 oz. Last night he drank a few sips before bed and was uninterested but still satisfied and fell asleep no fuss. Then he didn't even wake up in the night at all for more! The other thing I noticed was with my 5 year old son. He tends to over eat and has a hard time knowing when he's had enough especially of something that he really likes. Today when I gave him his sandwich after being on the mat he ate it and said "Wow Mom that was really good, I'm full now." Usually I would expect him to say "that was really good can I have another" or something similar. So when I tap in and ask Creator what this means, I am guided that the food being transformed to such a high frequency of Love, it is much more satisfying and fulfilling to consume and therefore less is needed nutritionally and for emotion wellbeing as well. I Love the results thus far and will keep you posted on further information I observe and receive. Thank you Amy!!!!"

"I did use it tonight for my dinner and my water. it's often hard for me to know I'm full. I'm full! I was doing some energy work too, wow! I thought I was going to vibrate right out of my body.. I'll keep on using it and see what else comes up!"

"I put some Omega 3 Salmon oil capsules on my mat after I discovered in muscle testing that they were not good for my body. This morning I muscle tested again and my body said they are now good for me."

"Lots of things shift far quicker than the 15 minutes mentioned. By the time I've fixed my coffee, it's shifted! Fun."

"After testing the DE I was going to put in my protein shake to not be good for me to take, I placed it on the mat and got the rest of my shake ready. I then tested the DE again and its vibration had raised considerably and it tested high for me to take it. YAY this is so exciting!!"

"I did do an interesting experiment w/ my aquariums. Do to how low the water is in my well, the increased hardness etc. has not agreed w/ my fish and I've lost a bunch. I dowsed to see on a scale of 1-10, to what degree the water in the tank supported health fish life. Got a 3! No wonder they were dying. :( Put the mat against the side of the tank for awhile. When I retested with the same question, I got a 10. Hmm... Guess I'll have to get some new fish and see. :)"

"Love this. I've been dowsing results. It has taken foods from a health value of 3 up to a 10. It seems to bring 'regular' vegetables to the same energetic value as organic. :) As I tend to eat what I LIKE rather than what would be best for me, it's great that I can make it healthy. Now if only it could be programmed to boost my metabolism every time I eat!"


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