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Fertility Blessings 

Are you trying to conceive?

Surround yourself with beautiful, creative energies of the Higher realms. Clear any energetic patterns that may be inhibiting conception. Bring this ideal spiritual miracle into your physical reality.

Fertility Blessings include energetic clearings, healing/balance and cellular activations.

Consider this: Your cells carry emotions and memories from the many traumas we experience in our lives. These traumas can be small (like being yelled at in traffic) or large (a parent that leaves, a miscarriage or early infant death, a divorce). These storied memories and emotions contribute to the body’s “emotional chemistry,” which is responsible for telling the cells of your body how to act and behave (fear mode or growth mode), which aspects of DNA to turn on/off, and more. In addition, the subconscious mind can create blocks to your conscious desires — like becoming a mother. These can influence and interfere with your ability to conceive. During a fertility blessings, Amy can see and heal the blocks without you ever having to consciously know why they were put in place.

A fertility blessing gives you access to  deep wisdom within your body of what needs to be healed to be able to conceive. Gain a much more insightful understanding about your mind~body~spirit connection to the child spirit that has chosen you to enter this world through.

A fertility blessings restores and activates vital energy to all systems, cells, and structures within your body. When energy is blocked, it can’t support your body — or your reproductive system — in the way that it needs to for optimal functioning.

A fertility blessings is not about paying thousands of dollars, working hard, pushing and striving to get what you want. Your energetic system (and especially your reproductive system), requires nurturing, gentleness, allowing and receiving in order to do its best work to bring this little gift of life into the world. Let us help you to receive it graciously.

It is our honor to assist you in this miracle process.