Energies To Enlighten, LLC - Event Hosting&Referral Service - Concord, NH
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AevonAestra makes divine connections.

Some of you know me well enough to know that in my past I was in human resources recruiting for 13+ years before my energy healing work consciously began.
Well, it brings me joy to announce that I will be blending some of my keen matching skills, networking and intuition together to serve in new ways !

So, the once The Sacred Space, a community healing center and gathering place located in Concord NH is now becoming "Sacred Spaces" - an event hosting  and referral service of sorts matching your offerings to venues and healing spaces to practitioners, and healing needs to practitioners!

***Are you a practitioner looking for a sacred space to offer your gifts? We have Sacred Spaces for you!

***Are you a healing business owner with space available or underutilized? We have practitioners to rent your space!

***Are you a seeker with healing goals? We have the best practitioner network to meet your needs!

I look forward to connecting you!

Contact me at (603)491-4421  for more information!