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Join us for Energy Healing Training & Higher Consciousness Studies ~ Certifications Available

Become a certified Intuitive Healer, receive training to practice and/or teach an ancient healing art such as reiki to help to heal yourself, others and the planet. Remember yourself as a Soul, heal the past, regenerate your body, mind and emotions and live the life the Creator wants for you!

Here are some of our transformative Programs for healing, manifesting and living your Divine Ideal Life:

Conscious Creation Program - OnePart 1, 2 or 3
1 of 3 Parts - Dates TBA
Price: $88.00
Conscious Creation Program - All 3
All 3 Parts
Price: $231.00
Conscious Creation : A Program to Align You with the Divine Ideal Life the Creator Wants for You

Join AevonAestra to play in the infinite field of consciousness to access the Soul’s wisdom and power! The soul knows..The soul remembers… The Soul has access to EVERYTHING! And there is a Divine Ideal Life awaiting your asking, allowing and acceptance! Will you create it? Will you claim what is yours?

Over the course of this program, Together we will explore and develop a Creator mind-set and practice simple, yet life-changing techniques (activations, meditations, intentions, visualizations)that trigger your rememberance and allow you to access your heart center, meet your soul, change past events, heal disease, release yourself from karma, remove blocks, access soul records, regenerate your body, become younger, increase your abundance, realign to your spiritual purpose, break unhealthy patterns, create a blessed life…whatever you desire and so much more.

This is a 3 part series and a great place to start to begin to create and allow your Divine Ideal and best possible outcomes in your world!


Awakening The Healer Within: Intuitive Healer Mentoring Certification Program

Awakening The Healer Within: Intuitive Healer Mentoring Certification Program- All Modules
6 modules - workshops and mentoring
Price: $999.00

In this transformative, self-healing, self-affirming program:
Sacred space is held for you while you process major shifts, receive guidance and healing wisdom, benefit from energetic tools of the trade and be supported and empowered as you heal and clear your blockages, access inner guidance, open up to and develop your own special gifts, and channel this innate energy for your own healing and helping others.
Please join us for this program designed to assist you in connecting within, developing all intuitive gifts and energy healing abilities to facilitate transformation for yourself and others.

Awakening The Healer Within will take you beyond any reiki ‘healing system’ or psychic development class into Higher Consciousness!
This program has a strong emphasis on healing for your Self and others. In this context ‘healing’ refers to the process of bringing about an awareness or a knowing that you are whole and divine. So as you see yourself as whole and divine, you are then able to assist others from a healthy place, not from a space of your own wounds, feelings of brokenness or the victim.

This spiritually-guided process creates a powerful foundation for profound transformation and self-actualization. This six-month program consists of:
• Six in-person workshops (one module every other month)
• Monthly high-frequency Clearings, Transmissions, Attunements & Activations
• Content-specific assignments
• Suggested Journaling of experiences and practice healing work
• Group practice for each module
• Support & mentoring via email
• Group and peer support

Awakening the Healer Within is about freedom to be more YOU. Its about experiencing more power and flowing with more acceptance and unconditional love for self and others. Its about your unique process of empowerment. You are met and supported where you are. Everyone heals and shifts at their own pace, without pressure or judgment. With each shift in consciousness you awaken to more of your Divine Self - a powerful, intuitive healer.

Please join us for any of these classes anytime!
Module 1 : Energy, Vibration & Consciousness  
Module 2: Who I really AM!  
Module 3: Exploring Your Energy Anatomy
Module 4: Your Gifts & Guidance
Module 5: Accessing Higher Energies for Healing
Module 6: Working with Others

*For certification, all six modules need to be completed (but not needed in order).*

Energy Exchange: Special $999 or Bring a friend to any class and take $40 off your tuition (or $20 off both tuitions)
Here's what some graduates had to say about this program:

“This is an amazing and enlightening program that engages you and challenges you to look within to heal, ascend and trust the divine being we all are, it's transformative for all who want to accept and love themselves and radiate that love to all those around them. Amy is an incredible facilitator and shares her wisdom freely, encouraging and eliciting the best from all attendees. This is an excellent program for everyone whatever modality or level.”
“This class will explain the concept of energy and healing, explain how it works, where it comes from, and how we all use it . I learned about the psychic senses and how we all use different ones, during an energy exchange/healing. We got so many attunements , that was my favorite class! I felt like I floated home. Honestly, this course is fun, easy and you will walk away a different person. I believe I am a better person because of it.”

“I've taken these classes more than once because I got so much out of them.. They are transformative, healing, and informative... If you want to have a better understanding of how we work and function as energy beings, this is the class for you... You will understand all those feelings you've had all your life but couldn't understand them, and how they apply to your life...you will heal on many different levels, become more of who you are, and you'll love the activation and attunement class...Amy is a great facilitator, very knowledgeable and caring and open...I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in becoming a higher frequency being by letting go of what no longer served you and embracing who you truly are.”

“These classes were so much more than I could ever have imagined they would be. Amy is a loving, knowledgable and enlightened person who loves to share her gifts with others for the purpose of helping her students become the best they can be for their highest good. I highly recommend this program for anyone who seeks self healing and enlightenment for themselves. An additional benefit for me, was I could use these new skills I learned in class for my own healing clients so others could benefit from the energy imediately after class.”
“This has been one of the most important programs I have ever attended. It opens up your intuition and helps you reconnect to the true essence of who you are. Amy is an amazing teacher and I too have attended many of the classes more than once and everytime I do, I learn something different. This program will change your life whether you are interested in healing others or healing yourself. I would highly recommend it to others.”

“Taking these series of classes with Amy changed my life. I developed greater self awareness. Coming to understand energy, thought, trauma, illness and how they all effect the body helped me to tune into areas where I needed to release and heal. Greater self-awareness allowed for healing on many levels. Simultaneously, I began to attract the right people, new opportunities and greater abundance and peace in my life. Amy is loving, compassionate and kind. There are never any judgments. She is able to connect with you wherever you are at and assist you in moving or growing in a direction that is for your highest good. Today I am in a better place than I ever thought possible. I attribute so much of this to the work, education and attunements that I did with such a talented healer. Thank you Amy for sharing your gift!”

Soul Spectrum Healing Apprenticeship & Certification: Beyond Intuitive Healing - COMING SOON!


Reiki-based  and Beyond Reiki Certification Programs:

Multi-Dimensional Healing: An Energy Healing System for Living in Unconditional Love, Freedom & Self-Empowerment
(includes but not limited to Shamballa MDH and other reiki healing systems & teachings)

Levels 1 & 2 combined Advanced Practitioner  $177
Level 3 Master Practitioner $133
Level 4 Master Healer & Teacher $244

Next Level 1&2 Class  - TBA

MultiDimensional Healing Levels 1&2 - Advanced Practitioner
Attunements, Activation Meditation & Certificate
Price: $177.00

Levels I & 2- Advanced Practitioner

• Learn or review the basics of Reiki, its principles & history
• Understand and learn about the energies of Shamballa MDH and other energy healing systems
• Become attuned to symbols of Shamballa MDH Levels 1 & 2
• Practice Healing on yourself
• Learn how to use energies to assist others
• Become more aware of your own ascension path
• Understand and learn how to use eight healing symbols
• Learn how to incorporate the symbols into your healing sessions
• Learn and incorporate the use of energy healing into all aspects of your life
• Learn and practice sending healing to yourself in other times & lives
• Continue to enhance your intuitive ability
• Empowers your ability to Manifest
MultiDimensional Healing Level 3 - Master Practitioner
Attunement to master symbols, passing attunements to others
Price: $133.00
Level 3-Master Practitioner
Re-requisite:Levels 1& 2
• Discuss, understand more about becoming Light Body and the AscensionProcess
• Learn more about and connect with AscendedMasters
• Cutting of Karmic Ties & DNA Activation and Expansion
• Learn and practice using more of the Energies and Symbols
• Be attuned to Master symbols
• Learn how to attune students to Level 1

MultiDimensional Healing Level 4 - Master Healer
Receive symbols & ascension activation meditation
Price: $99.00
Level 4 Part 1 - Master Healer (for those who wish to receive the balance of the energies of this system -  not intending to teach)

MultiDimensional Healing Master Teacher
Learn to teach all levels of MultiDimensional Healing
Price: $244.00
Level 4 Part 2 - Master Teacher 
·Pre-requisite:Levels 3 & 4 Part 1
• Review all levels of MultiDimensional Healing;class formats and attunements for each level, etc.
• Receive attunement to all symbols of MDH
• Advanced Ascension Activations
• Mentorship and Ongoing Support



Soul Life Redesign Series - Makeover your life connecting to your soul's wisdom and power by using simple techniques to identify, clear and heal wounds and old programs for good! Five One-hour classes via teleconference starting TBA


Multi-Dimensional Mastery Program Series: Living as a MultiDimensional Me (Master of Energy)

Are you living as a MultiDimensional Me (Me=Master of energy)?

We are Creating this reality together. Let’s let go of the denial of who we are to integrate the truth of our expanded existence – a MultiDimensional Master of Energy. Not just believing it or connecting in with it, but “BEING” it now. Grounding all our multi-dimensional aspects of consciousness here within this space and time assists all other aspects of our collective Self.

We all hold keys and codes that assist in the Awakening process taking place on Earth at this time. The more we integrate our multi-dimensional aspects, we are activating our own keys and codes. The more we integrate it becomes easier for others to expand.

As we align with and increase our multi-dimensional senses, the old paradigm and their programs dissolve and our egos become servants to the Higher Self.

Infinite wisdom, love and power exists in each of us as MultiDimensional Masters of energy! By expanding your own consciousness and integrating more of your own Light you fill the collective with Light. As more people step into their roles as MultiDimensional Me/God in a Body/Conscious Creators, the more our reality will change.

By your commitment to remembering and through your service, We can achieve Unity consciousness here on Earth!

This program and all offerings within are divinely designed and delivered to assist you to experience more of your truth as a powerful MultiDimensional Master of energy!

Courses, Activations and Experiences include:
* Seals & Soul Contract Clearing
* Axiatonal Alignment to Fifth Dimensional Body, Chakra Upgrades & DNA Activation
* Christ Consciousness Activations & Accessing the Ascended Masters
* Angelic Alignment – Accessing the Archangels, Carrions, Seraphim, etc
* Creating New Contracts & Activating New Mastery Programs
* Sacred Geometry: Blueprint of Creation
* Blessed by Fire: The Sacred Flames and Transmuting Fires
* Music of the Spheres: Sacred Sounds & Healing frequencies
* Union of the Divine Masculine & Sacred Feminine Aspects  
* Soul's Evolution, Oversoul & Monad..and more!


Divine Alchemy Healing is a powerful transformational, high frequency hands-on healing technique, a gift from God and the Higher Realms to heal humanity and the planet.

This Divine gift comes forward during this time to facilitate and speed the creation of Heaven on Earth. The energies you will attune to in this system will serve as a catalyst for you, others and Mother Earth in unfolding the Divine Plan for Earth to return to Love and wholeness.

The transformative clearings, healings and activations received will :
-Initiate a process of connection to your GodSelf and your soul's potential
-Unify you with the Heart & Mind of God/Creator of All That Is, -Raise you up to operate in the higher planes of existence from the Heart center, and to manifest in this reality simultaneously.
The alchemical gifts of higher cosmic frequencies, Christ consciousness codes, sacred geometry, light, color and music of the spheres are brought forth from God/Creator of All That Is and the the Higher Realms of existence.

Just Imagine this...
Changes in your body that heal physical dis-ease...emotional healing with ease...letting go of old beliefs and patterns of behavior instantly.....spiritual connectedness that opens you up to the fullness of your being.... and more than you could EVER imagine!

The creation of Heaven on Earth begins with you! Are you ready to be an alchemist in your life? To step into your power, into a better existence and create a divine life on all levels?

This is not a reiki healing system and there is no reiki or energy healing training pre-requisite for this certification. One must have a desire and sincere commitment to heal Self.

EnLighten Up Energetic Clearing Workshop

Feeling less like yourself these days? Need to reclaim your power over addictions or worn out patterns of behavior? Would you like to increase your spiritual power?

If you said “yes” to any of the above questions, please join us
to “Get Clear” in the New Year!

In this interactive workshop you will discover techniques to:
• Cleanse your consciousness and energy field of “non-you” energies
• Enhance energetic protection
• Cut cords of attachment to people, places and things.
• Protect yourself from the negative moods, emotions, and thoughtforms of others
• Release old emotional wounds and energy blockages
• Release karmic debt and remove karmic ties
• Clear your environment of unwelcome energies

Amy, along with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Cosmic Beings of Love & Light will attune you to and present you with some energetic clearing tools that will assist you in all areas of your life. Learn about and practice removing energetic blockages on all levels, transmute less-than-love energies and remove “non-you” energy attachments.

Benefits of regularly employing the tools gained from this workshop include:
• Generally feeling lighter and more at peace,
• Increased connectedness to your Divine Self,
• Reduced anxiety or stress,
• Renewed energy and vitality,
• Greater mental/emotional clarity,
• Increased sense of awareness and clarity,
• Making lasting changes
• Enhanced ability to heal on all levels…and more!

Date & Time: TBA

Energy Exchange: $111 includes energy activations and printed material
No prior training or certification required.

Lightarian TM Reiki
(Level 1 & 2 - $155, Levels 3, 4 - $66 each and Levels 5 & 6 - $155
Buddhic Boost additional  - $55

There are two prerequisites for taking Lightarian Reiki:  First, you must be an Usui-based Reiki Master/Teacher.  Secondly, you must either have received Karuna-based Reiki 1 & 2 OR the Lightarian "Buddhic Boost."

Note: By "Usui-based" we also mean other forms of Usui Reiki Master level, such as Shamballa Reiki and Seichim Reiki.


High frequency Hands-on Spiritual Healing - Basic & Advanced
Channel 100X more power than reiki with this powerful high frequency spiritual hands-on healing modality that conducts healing energy and infuses the individual with wholeness and well-being.  It can heal your body, your deepest emotional hurts, and open you to the fullness of who you are.
Most similar to LaHoChi Healing, it Includes all the benefits of Reiki, but is 100 times stronger than reiki and Cranio-Sacral energy healing.
Some of the benefits:

  • Deep relaxation, peace, tranquility and joy.

  • Opens the heart to forgiveness and to the love of oneself and others. Opens all channels of healing; cleanses and removes all resistance to healing.

  • Clears and removes emotional and physical trauma from present or previous lifetimes on a cellular level. Releases and heals anger, feelings of grief, depression, heaviness, abandonment, and separation.

  • Clears old belief systems, detrimental thoughts, painful memories, debris and illusions of pain and self-limitation that are not in alignment with the individual’s soul design.

  • Can eliminate illness and disease, toxins, residues, improves the immune system.

  • Balances the nervous system and hormonal levels.

  • Cleanses and opens up the lymphatic and circulatory system.

  • Adjusts and balances the flow of cranial sacral fluids both in the brain and throughout the spinal sheath.

  • Balances and releases the hips removing pain, stiffness of joints and freeing you to go forward.

  • Revitalizes kidneys, liver, spleen, ovaries, and gall bladder. Removes emotional and physical debris from the lung and chest area.

  • Opens, clears and balances the chakra system, opens the body’s 21 energy flows or organ meridian system.

  • Clears electrical blocks in the energy body, a web-like link between cellular memory and the physical body, so information can move freely.

  • Facilitates and accelerates connection to the Universe resulting in higher states of meditation and consciousness.

  • Expands the energy field and the ability of the body to hold more energy on an ongoing basis.

  • Opens and activates the left and right hemispheres of the brain; activating new parts of the brain.


Children's Rainbow Ray-Ki / Reiki

This fun, interactive and experiential class is full of rainbows and pure love!
Children are our teachers, healers and future leaders. Helping them to remember and utilize their God-given gifts validates their abilities as healers. When you bring together the openness, creativity and wonderment of children with divine energy & the colors of the rainbow, you create the opportunity for magic h
ere on Earth!

In this workshop, your child will…
♡ Discuss and explore: What is energy?
♡ Learn how to heal themselves and others with Rainbow Rays & Reiki energies
♡ Be introduced of the seven major energy centers (chakras) and aura
♡ Practice techniques for concentrating, relaxing, and grounding..and more!

Some benefits to your child include (but are not limited to) :
♡ Opens them up as the natural channels that they are.
♡ Encourages empathy & a connection to living things, plants, trees, animals & people
♡ Develops self esteem, self awareness and self empowerment.
♡ Reawakens this valuable tool to help them through the stresses of growing up.
 ...and more!

Give your child a magical gift of a lifetime…Help them to connect to their inner healing ability and remember who they REALLY are!!

(For children ages 5 to 11 years)
Location and Date: TBA
Energy Exhange: $55 per child (includes printed class materials, distance reiki doll and certificate)

Call (603)491-4421 or email [email protected] to become a certified intuitive healer today!