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What is Divine Alchemy?
Think of the word “alchemy”… what comes to mind?
For many people this might conjure up images of medieval wizards laboring over flasks and chemistry equipment, transforming lead into gold.That is certainly one type of real alchemy, but in this context, we are speaking about the transformation of vibration, spirit into matter and ultimately, human consciousness into a state of Pure Love.
The most powerful energy source available for transforming consciousness, would be the the universe; an unlimited energy supply found in the quantum field, or zero-point (or unified field) and also known as the Creator consciousness, ether, heaven and spirit. And specifically LOVE!

We trigger or activate this unlimited energy potential in the quantum field when our hearts and minds are in harmony and when we put our feelings and intentions out into the Universe in a higher state of divine love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, deep caring, etc..

“Alchemy is accomplished by changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter, and applying the elements of love to create a desired result.”  ~ Archangel Metatron

The Divine Alchemy Activations offered here activate seeds and codes within you and bring in these higher states of LoVe, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness and deep caring into all aspects of your lives, connecting you to the unified field of infinite possibilities. Every time you use them you are spiritualizing matter and transforming your consciousness and that of our planet..and so much more!

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