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Consciousness Coaching with Amy AevonAestra

Self-creation never ends. We are continually creating our self from the field of infinite possibilities. We are, in every moment, born again.

Wherever you are in the world, by phone, skype or email you can experience Consciousness Coaching...To create your Divine Ideal Life, To bring about your best possible outcome!

Consciousness Coaching is a more in-depth version of Life Coaching. It is so empowering... truly the best of both worlds, a combination of grounded coaching techniques and the spiritual insight that comes from a soul level/higher consciousness experience.

AevonAestra receives information from spirit intuitively during all coaching sessions to get to the root cause of an issue very quickly. Sometimes the shift can be as simple as identifying a blockage, understanding the underlying cause, and then releasing it. Or it can be a sudden realization of a past event that has been carried through multiple lifetimes. When you experience yourself as a soul and we make changes at a soul level, everything shifts quickly...and that is what is different about this work.

It's all about remembering who you are, your spiritual path and the reason why you chose to be here to participate in this pivotal moment in human history. Once you remember that, everything else will begin to make sense and effortlessly fall into place.

Is it time for you to remember who you are as a soul?

Consciousness Coaching Session- New Client
Initial Coaching Session
Price: $111.00
Monthly Consciousness Coaching Plan
Set of 4 Remote Coaching Sessions after Initial Consciousness Coaching Session
Price: $222.00