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Liquid Light ™ Elixirs

Liquid Light Elixirs are a Divine Energy Drink, a Quantum Cup, a Cosmic Cocktail… Nano Nectar of Heavenly Homeopathy! 

Through AevonAestra, Spirit has channeled a revolutionary way to optimize healing.  Imbibing in this cosmic concoction is akin to “internal alchemy”, anchoring frequencies from the multidimensional realms that clear the source of imbalances such as imprints and miasmas, genetic conditioning, ancestral, core and soul level programs, and more... Reconfiguring your entire energetic being!

Infused with healing codes, sacred geometries, sound, color, metaphysical medicines, homeopathy, zero point, esoteric technologies, crystals, herbs and minerals. Our Liquid Light Elixir is a cosmic concoction delivered directly into our cells by simply adding to clean spring water. 

Elixirs are created with a base of Structured water for full cell absorption, then AevonAestra connects with your Higher Self to bring through Divinely designed, activated, and perfectly potentialized frequencies that address the cause of  imbalances  within your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels! Your water becomes  medicinal magic when you've employed Spirit, Soul and your Higher Self with every sip!

Choose from our favorite Liquid Light elixirs :

Healing Hydration - Choose me to hydrate at an intra-cellular, nano particle level and balance pH in the body, increasing vitality and health in all cells and systems.

Core Clearing - Choose me to cleanse away toxins with energetically identical herbs and sacred fire frequencies, etc.

Disease Disassembly - Choose me to deliver scalar waves and energetically identical frequencies of herbs and sound that disassemble pathogens, bacteria, fungus, viruses, etc.

Meditative Mind - Choose me to deliver theta waves and soothing frequencies of peace, energetically identical frequencies of calming herbs and crystals for relaxation, mental calmness and clarity.

Abundance Attraction - Choose me to connect to your divine birthright through frequencies of abundance, energetically identical prosperity stones & symbols, etc.

Spiritual Support - Choose me to experience growth in spirituality, an opening to new possibilities from the non-physical realms and multi-dimensional energies, etc.

AevonAestra's Liquid Light TM Elixirs
Add a few drops to your clean. spring water!
Price: $22.00
Choose one::

Or one of our Specialty Elixirs:

GMOs to EMOs

Has eating food become a fear-based activity for you? Can you enjoy what you eat or is the concern of DNA damage and compromised health threats from GMOs limiting your food choices and robbing your joy of eating? OR Maybe you are still eating GMOs and would like to insure that your health does not become compromised? Either way, our Liquid Light Elixir “GMOs to EMOs” is here to help you!

With this elixir, go from potentially harmful Genetically Modified to Potentialized and Energetically Empowered, or more accurately “Energenetically Modified”! Say good bye to the fear and say hello to the joy when you are eating with confidence that nothing is harming your body. With this elixir YOU Take Your Power Back! Each drop aligns you with what your soul wants you to experience – a healthy body with vibrant cells enjoying the human experience of eating!

Its so easy, but YOU have to do it!…Follow a simple protocol to Energetically modify your food for Good! Purchase this product. Say the intention statement along with the codes provided for the time specified. Use the elixir each day, all throughout the day, by adding drops to your food and drink, to anchor the frequencies. And Voila you and your food are transformed!

Important Notice: This is not a license/permission to be unconscious and unhealthy in your eating practices! Please continue to be conscious consumers, loving yourself and your bodies by making the highest and best healthy choices for yourself, without all the fear this time. This elixir supports you on all levels in creating the best possible outcome for your health.

Healing LYME with Love

Lyme is such a powerful teacher...helping you to move from Powerless to Powerful, from Separation to Oneness, from Victim to Creator, Limited Human to Divine Potential! To heal from tick-born illnesses, you have to learn to love and care for yourself deeply, change your entire belief system, release old emotions, thoughts and behaviors, connect to your divine power and strength. This elixir supports you as you not only disassemble the disease and its co-infections, but regenerate on physical,emotional mental and spiritual levels. It helps you to see the disease as a miracle to move you into your power,  not as a random horrible occurrence or as punishment for choices made. You will awaken from victimhood by an overwhelming sensation of divinity and that is where the magic of healing happens.

This elixir is meant to support and enhance (not replace) any course of medical and/or psychological treatment you may be receiving.As you know from your current LYME treatment, only YOU can do it!
Follow a simple protocol to heal Lyme with Love. Purchase this product. Say the intention statement along with the codes provided for the time specified. Use the elixir each day, all throughout the day, by adding drops to your drinks, to anchor the healing frequencies. Your soul participates and elates in your desire to be , for you to know yourself as Whole, healed and Divine and to live a life beyond Lyme!

Complementary Cancer Care

Give the Gift of Healing! Are you or someone you love in the processing of healing cancer? If so, this is specifically for you! Complementary Cancer Care Elixir is support (not replacement) for all cancer treatments with higher healing frequencies/energies of hemp/cannabis oil, scalar technology, stem cell activation, programmed into nano water for alkalinity, regeneration healing, etc. To support healing, just put drops directly into your mouth or into anything you drink or eat to anchor healing energies into the body! A personalized or specialized soul spectrum elixir would regularly be between $55 and $111 but this is a special  for only $33!! CHOOSE TO HEAL NOW!

Specialized Liquid Light Elixirs
GMOs to EMOs
Price: $33.00
Specialized Liquid Light Elixirs
Healing LYME with Love
Price: $33.00
Specialized Liquid Light Elixirs
Complementary Cancer Care
Price: $33.00

If you need support with something specific to you or you wish to address multiple conditions, choose Our Personalized Potential Liquid Light Elixir:

Physical issues, Emotional imbalances or Spiritual Healing & Growth, Weight Loss/Body Contouring...AevonAestra will create an energenetic elixir just perfect for you!! Personalized elixir with up to 10 frequencies only $55 each
Each elixir is accompanied by an intention statement and codes specific to your elixir.
Personalized Potential Liquid Light Elixir
Personalized Blend for any condition, desire, etc. (up to 10 frequencies)
Price: $55.00

Connect to and Anchor Soul Vibrations to create a new reality with our Soul Spectrum Liquid Light Elixir:

This is your most powerful choice! Imagine soul vibrations being anchored into your physical reality. If you were living the life your soul and Creator want for you, what would that be like? What if there was a force greater than you guiding your life?
The soul is eternal with infinite wisdom and power. The soul knows how to heal. This elixir connects you to your soul's frequencies and the blueprint of creation.

Soul Spectrum Liquid Light elixir
Connects you to your soul vibrations and blueprint of creation
Price: $111.00

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