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Authentic Monatomic Andara crystals are here!

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(Exception: This offer does not apply to Andara Oracle Cards)

Andara Crystals are known as one of the master crystals with healing vibrations that are from another world. They are thought by some to be the highest vibrational crystals because they contain Prima Matra or ‘Original Matter’.
 What is Monatomic ?
The Monatomic Andara crystal is very special.  In confirmed scientific testing of the location where they are mined, the soil that these Monatomic Andara crystals were discovered in contain high levels of monatomic metallic elements.
Monatomic metallic elements are single atom metal elements that behave very differently than normal metals.  First, as an example, monatomic gold is a fine white powder with very little weight, where metallic gold is very heavy.  The atomic electron spin rate “frequency’ in monatomic gold is much higher than gold. Specialized equipment has determined that the crystals offered here test positive for monatomic gold and other etherium metals.

When monatomic metallic elements are heated to high temperatures, they transmute to a glass like material, Monatomic Andara crystal.  Monatomic elements have the following confirmed properties: 
· Very high atomic spin rate or vibrational energy
· Like light photons, they pop in and out of existence
· Their vibrational energy can be passed to other objects
· They are original matter elements, “prima matra”
· They have been used throughout history to heal and raise / expand consciousness .