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Meet Amy Aevonaestra 
(also known as Amy M. Gebo )

Where you see negativity, Amy AevonAestra sees potential! When you are in a hopeless place,she shows you the light of your heart! Where you see your own weakness, Amy AevonAestra sees a soul striving to discover more of who they REALLY are! When you think you have gone as far as you can possibly go, Amy    AevonAestra assists you to go higher!

Intuitive Energy Healer Amy Gebo CantaraAmy AevonAestra is an Alchemist and Intuitive Healer working
multi-dimensionally, assisting you to anchor higher vibrations and experience more of your true power and soul essence in this physical reality. She is a gifted teacher, a healer of healers, Consciousness coach and guide offering a variety of tools, support and education to assist you on your  "journey of remembering". Whatever your self perception, she sees you as a whole, healed Divine being with unlimited potential and holds that vision and vibration as you remember more of your own truth.

Amy AevonAestra is the creator of Soul Spectrum Esoteric Healing/Coaching and Liquid LightTechnology elixirs.
She is in service to the Light and the healing of humanity.
She is an ordained interfaith minister available for blessings and ceremonies.

You will be transformed by Amy’s presence and products. She carries very high frequency transformational vibrations and Spirit works through her to activate you through her words and voice. Archangel Michael says this about Amy’s ability to transform vibrations with her voice : “There is significance in the quality and vibration to your voice.  It brings others to a higher realm without them knowing why, and allows information to be interpreted at a correct level.”

Private healing Sessions & Workshops Available at :
  • A variety of  Sacred Spaces
  • In the comfort of your home via phone or Skype

Call (603)491-4421 or email enlighten_up@yahoo.com to schedule your session today!